MSC is happy to congratulate the members of Team 1, Nanoparticle Intraocular Drug Delivery System, the winners of our Inaugural Pitch Finale!

Team 1: Kayla Rodriguez Graff, Daniel Bastardo Blanco, Kimbra Turner, Anne Guetschow, Miranda Jarrett. Not pictured: Raji Rajesh Lenin


We also want to extend a hearty congratulations to our two runner-up teams, Team 4 (Dry Electrodes for Vital Sign Monitoring) and Team 6 (ProteinPaint: Web Application for Visualizing Genomic Data)

Team 4: Prakash Devaraju, James Bell, Ping-Chung Chen, Farrah Phillips,
Team 6: Brittany Dong, Maria Purice, Helene Tournu, Evan Comeaux, Aaron Chakrarty, Chad Riggs. Not pictured: Xin Zhou, Mike Hoffmeyer.


Here are a few of the other highlights from our Pitch Finale Event:

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The back support team went on to form a company with their scientific and business mentors and is currently participating in the ZeroTo510 Accelerator this summer:

Company name: EMBrace Design
CoFounders: Denis DeAngelo, PhD, Chloe Chung, Daniel Hoyer, Stewart Young
Company HQ location: Memphis, TN
Twitter: @EMBrace_Design
Description: EMBrace Design is aiming to change the standard of care for low back pain patients! Through extensive laboratory testing we have developed our patented START brace – a device capable of applying traction to the lumbar spine while still allowing patients to perform daily living activities in a pain free environment. This mobility enabling feature gives patients and doctors another modality for treating diseases such as spinal stenosis and disc degeneration saving thousands of dollars in prescription medication, prolonged PT sessions, and in the worst of cases surgical interventions.


The vaccine team is in ongoing discussions with US Biologic and St. Jude!

“The presentation of an influenza vaccine for chickens by the FlewVac team caught the attention of a representative of local biotech company US Biologic. This has led to ongoing discussions between US Biologic and St. Jude to explore the possibility of utilizing US Biologic’s proprietary delivery system to effectively administer flu vaccines made using St. Jude’s proprietary plasmid rescue system to target animal populations.”