Who can participate in MSC?
MSC welcomes any willing participants!

How can we participate/register for MSC?
You can apply through the form on the Apply page. We will reveal the available intellectual properties (IP) at our IP Parade!  We will open the enrollment after the IP Parade on our Memphis Scipreneur Challenge website.

How do I form a Team? Can I participate by myself?
You will submit your preferences for IPs through the application form on the APPLY page. You will be assigned to a team based upon your selected preferences. You do not need to have a team to apply. In fact, we do not encourage you to apply as a team.

How long is MSC?
MSC is a seven week event.

How much time are we expected to spend on MSC per week?
We estimate that 2-4 hours per week will be needed for participants to take full advantage of the opportunities provided by MSC. This will also depend on the commitment and background of the participants.

Why should I participate in MSC?
Are you interested in entrepreneurship? Are you a STEM major, graduate student or postdoc and want a job in industry? Do you want to become a PI who one day aspires to start their own company? Would you like to win cash prizes? Do you like to explore new things? If your answer to any of the questions was yes, you NEED to participate in MSC.

I am not interested in business, why should I participate in MSC?
Are you a STEM major, graduate student or postdoc and want a job in industry? If your answer is yes, MSC will introduce you to decision making processes in industry, such as the idea of value propositions. Understanding these concepts are crucial to landing a job and being successful in industry.

Are you interested in alternative career paths?
MSC will introduce and expose you to different fields such as Technology Transfer, Regulatory Affairs, Business & Financials, Marketing etc. This might open opportunities in academia as well as industry.

Is there a fee for participation?
There are no fees for participating in MSC. However, Life Science Tennessee Academic Alliance members will be given preference in team assignments. You can apply for membership through Life Science Tennessee.